General Radiology

What Is General Radiology?

General radiology is a form of medical imaging in which pictures are produced of the body's internal structures so that physicians can diagnose and treat ailments. Medical imaging is performed on-site at USMD Hospital at Arlington utilizing the latest in nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, and CT scans. If a physician has recommended diagnostic imaging for you, rest assured that you are in capable hands with our expert radiologists. Contact USMD Hospital at Arlington to learn more about our general radiology services.

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Types of General Radiology Technology

USMD Hospital at Arlington is proud to bring the latest in advanced radiology technology to the North Texas community. Such technologies include:

  • Nuclear Medicine: This form of imaging uses a special kind of radiation in order to more clearly see the soft tissues inside the body.
  • Ultrasound: Also called sonography, this type of medical imaging uses sound waves to produce images of the organs and tissues.
  • MRI: Also called magnetic resonance imaging, an MRI uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to produce images of the body's internal structures.
  • CT: Also called computerized tomography, a CT scan takes x-ray images from different angles to create comprehensive images.
  • General Imaging: Tests that take detailed images of the body's internal structures to help diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, and conditions.

Ok, having cancer is a major drag, and I mean MAJOR drag, but my experience here was pretty amazing.  I was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and came in here to explore both surgical and radiation options.  Everything is cutting edge here, from the robotic surgery equipment, to the Varian Beam Radiation treatments.  I ended up doing a 40 day radiation treatment protocol with Dr. Peter LaNasa.  They took my insurance, explained everything to me in great detail.  EVERY SINGLE DAY I went in for treatment, I was warmly greeted by his staff by name.  The technicians were fun (and cute), and absolutely made the best out of what could have been a stressful situation.  Can’t say enough about my experience with Dr. LaNasa and Dr. Sheperd (the robotic surgeon who explained that whole process to me).


When Is General Radiology Performed?

At USMD Hospital at Arlington, radiologists work to ensure you receive the most comprehensive care possible. General radiology might be performed in a variety of circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • Diagnosing fractured or broken bones
  • Locating foreign objects in soft tissues
  • Locating tumors
  • Detecting internal injuries and bleeding
  • Detecting and diagnosing diseases and conditions
  • Guiding a surgery, biopsy, or other procedure

Advanced Imaging for Superior Treatment

USMD Hospital at Arlington proudly offers advanced general radiology and a team of experienced radiologists to help take detailed images of your internal structures so that your physicians can better diagnose and treat you. General radiology is safe, minimally invasive, and virtually painless. If you are in need of medical imaging in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington, TX you can expect top-of-the-line care at our facility. Contact USMD Hospital at Arlington to learn more about our advanced general radiology options and how our team can help you in your journey to a better quality of life.

Interventional Radiology

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