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USMD Hospital at Arlington Blog

What are the Health Benefits of Bariatric Surgery?

USMD Team01/14/2022

Bariatric surgery has helped countless people lose weight and reduce their risk of heart disease. Learn how weight loss surgery works at our hospital.


New Belly-Button Incision for Gallbladder Surgery

USMD Team11/29/2012

Using the robotic-assisted da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, surgeons at USMD Hospital have propelled minimally invasive to the next level.


You Gotta Get Gluten Out of Your Gut

USMD Team11/26/2012

Many IBS patients have noted a remarkable change in the way they feel after eliminating gluten-rich foods from their diets.


Probiotics: The Good, the Bad and the Yummy

USMD Team11/14/2012

Now there are probiotic yogurts, probiotic drinks and probiotic supplements. But what are probiotics?


Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator is a Caring Ally

USMD Team10/24/2012

Since opening on December 6, 2010, the Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator Program has helped many patients.


Pink Gloves Dance Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

USMD Team10/22/2012

The Pink Glove Dance video is just one way USMD Hospital demonstrates its “culture of caring.”


A Cautionary Tale About Colon Cancer

USMD Team10/04/2012

Colon cancer is slow growing, so regular colonoscopies are your best defense against the disease.


Surgery for Weight Loss Could be a Life Saver

USMD Team08/20/2012

If you suffer from obesity, USMD Hospital at Arlington has knowledgeable and compassionate physicians who are experts in gastric medicine.

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