USMD Hospital at Arlington receives Excellence in Prostate Cancer Surgery recognition

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USMD Hospital at Arlington Blog

USMD Hospital at Arlington Blog

It's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month! Learn More About the Treatment Options

USMD Team09/08/2023

Robot-assisted prostate surgery offers precise, minimally invasive treatment, enhancing recovery and reducing risks. Find out more about this option.


Bariatric Surgery: A Life-Transforming Procedure at USMD Hospital at Arlington

USMD Team08/11/2023

Bariatric surgery allows patients to take control of their health and experience benefits such as improved mobility, better mental health, and more.


Pain Management Treatments Can Help Alleviate Chronic and Acute Pain

USMD Team07/14/2023

Chronic and acute pain can affect your life in many ways. Learn about options for pain management and how our experienced specialists provide relief.


Excellence in Prostate Cancer Surgery!


USMD Hospital at Arlington was one of 147 hospitals in the nation to receive a High Performing designation by U.S. News & World Report.


Health Concerns to be Aware of for Men's Health Month


June is Men’s Health Month, and our team hopes to educate patients about concerns such as male incontinence, prostate cancer, and male infertility.


What Spinal Conditions Can Be Treated With Neurosurgery?

USMD Team05/12/2023

Spinal conditions can cause chronic pain and other concerning issues. Read about the benefits of neurosurgery and what to expect from our team here.


When Should Patients Consider Orthopedic Surgery?

USMD Team04/14/2023

Musculoskeletal pain can be debilitating in your day-to-day life. Learn about the options for orthopedic surgery at USMD Hospital at Arlington.


Incontinence Care Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

USMD Team03/10/2023

A urologist may recommend pelvic floor therapy or bladder retraining for incontinence symptoms. Read about your options for incontinence care here.


What Are the Benefits of Vascular Surgery?

USMD Team02/10/2023

Vascular surgery can improve your quality of life. Read about vascular surgery and how we perform these procedures in our hybrid operating room.


What Conditions Reveal the Need for Pelvic Floor Therapy?

USMD Team01/14/2023

Weak pelvic floor muscles cause health issues like urinary incontinence. Learn about pelvic floor therapy and how it can improve your quality of life.


What Conditions Can be Treated With Robotic Surgery?

USMD Team12/09/2022

Robotic-assisted procedures can treat a wide range of conditions in patients. Learn the details of robotic surgery using the da Vinci® system here.


What Surgeries are Performed in a Hybrid Operating Room?

USMD Team11/11/2022

Many types of procedures can be performed in a hybrid operating room, including minimally invasive treatment. Discover your options for surgery today.


Here's Why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so Important

USMD Team10/14/2022

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means it may be time for a cancer screening. Learn about the breast services we offer at our hospital.


Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Reminds Us of Why PSA Screenings are Important

USMD Team09/09/2022

PSA screenings check for prostate cancer in men over 40. Learn when to get a screening and treatment options during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.


How to Tell If You Are a Candidate for Breast Surgery

USMD Team08/12/2022

Breast surgery can improve your health or appearance. Learn about procedures like breast reconstruction and whether you might be a candidate.


These Commons Signs May Indicate the Need for Urology Surgery

USMD Team07/08/2022

Urology surgery may be needed if you have problems like urinary incontinence or cancer. Talk to an experienced urologist to learn more.


USMD Hospital at Arlington Receives Bariatric Surgery Accreditation Renewal

USMD Team06/10/2022

USMD Hospital at Arlington has renewed its accreditation as a Bariatric Center of Excellence. Read more about how we provide superior patient care.


What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Surgery?

USMD Team05/13/2022

A Hybrid OR allows surgeons to perform open and minimally invasive procedures alike. Learn how our team provides superior care through hybrid surgery.


When Should You Consider Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

USMD Team04/15/2022

Gastric sleeve surgery can help you live a happier and healthier life. Learn about weight loss surgery and if you are a candidate in North Texas.


Is Recovery Time Quicker After Robotic Surgery vs Traditional Surgery?

USMD Team03/11/2022

Some minimally invasive procedures can be performed by the advanced da Vinci® Surgical System. Learn the benefits of robotic surgery at our hospital.

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