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Podiatry in Arlington, TX

What Is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the area of medicine that focuses on treating conditions affecting the feet and ankles. This medical specialty involves surgical care or other types of procedures performed on the joints, bones, muscles, tendons, and soft tissues. Podiatrists also perform limb salvage surgeries in patients who are at risk of losing a foot due to infection, trauma, vascular diseases, or additional forms of tissue damage. The physicians who provide podiatric care at USMD Hospital at Arlington specialize in relieving foot and ankle pain, improving function and appearance, and enhancing mobility. To find a podiatrist in Arlington, TX, please use our physician finder tool.

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Podiatry And Limb Salvage

Preventing the loss of limbs and reducing the need for amputation is a key goal of the foot and ankle surgeons who provide care at our medical center. USMD Hospital at Arlington is equipped to offer comprehensive limb salvage services, which may be indicated in cases of advanced infection or nonhealing wounds caused by diabetic complications, cancer, injury, or other factors. Limb salvage may involve the repair of hard and soft tissues of the feet and ankles, bone or soft tissue grafting, and artificial implants to replace damaged or missing anatomical structures. A foot and ankle surgeon is part of a multispecialty team and may collaborate with vascular surgeons and other physicians to provide comprehensive, seamless care.

What Types of Podiatric Surgeries Are Performed?

The podiatrists who provide specialized foot and ankle care at USMD Hospital at Arlington perform services that range from minimally invasive procedures to full reconstructive surgery. These include but are not limited to:

  • Limb salvage
  • Wound debridement
  • Club foot repair
  • Phlebography
  • Fasciotomy
  • Bunionectomy
  • Tenotomy
  • Claw, hammer, and mallet toe surgery

Podiatric surgical procedures may be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis, depending upon the nature of the surgery and the patient’s individual medical needs.

Who Is A Candidate for Foot And Ankle Surgery?

When conditions affecting the foot or ankle do not respond to conventional therapies or are of a more concerning or severe nature, podiatric surgery may be the next step. Foot or ankle surgery at USMD Hospital at Arlington may be performed to treat one or more of the following concerns:

  • Injury or trauma
  • Bone spurs
  • Neuropathy
  • Cancer
  • Diabetic foot problems
  • Joint and ligament conditions
  • Congenital defects or deformities
What activities can I perform following foot surgery?

Incorporating stretching, yoga, and activities like swimming and exercise bikes are ideal following foot surgery. While you should wait at least two weeks before beginning these activities, they help to strengthen your foot and help the healing process.

How long does it take to recover from ankle surgery?
Recovery from ankle surgery will vary from patient to patient. Depending on the procedure, recovery can take up to a full year or more. However, tenderness and swelling should resolve in around three months.
What are the risks associated with foot and ankle surgeries?

All surgeries have risks, and foot and ankle surgery is no different. A few risks include:

  • Blood clots
  • Stiffness in the joint
  • Nerve damage
  • Bleeding
Does insurance cover podiatry services?

Podiatry services for Dallas/Fort Worth patients are generally covered, at least partly, by insurance. Our team will help you understand your coverage so you know what to expect before your treatment or surgery begins.

Comprehensive Foot And Ankle Care

We believe in providing outstanding patient care and serve as a source of clinical excellence in podiatric surgical procedures. The foot and ankle specialists at our facility are devoted to helping patients throughout North Texas improve their function and wellness. For further details about our podiatry and limb salvage services or to find a DFW foot and ankle surgeon near you, contact USMD Hospital at Arlington today.

USMD Hospital at Arlington is a joint venture with Texas Health Resources and meets the definition under federal law of a physician-owned hospital. Doctors on the medical staff practice independently and are not employees or agents of the hospital. A list of physician owners is available upon request.