Urology Care

Urology physicians diagnose and treat conditions unique to women. While men and women share urological problems such as kidney stones, female urology specializes in incontinence, pelvic floor prolapse and female sexual health.

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Urogynecologic procedures
Surgery to treat stress incontinence that may occur with physical activities that increase abdominal pressure, like sneezing, coughing, laughing or lifting heavy objects. Procedures include the following:

  • Sling – Surgery to insert a device, either synthetic or of the patient's own tissue, that elevates the urethra and bladder to treat stress incontinence.
  • TVT (tension-free transvaginal tape) sling – Surgery to insert an adjustable device that may be customized – during surgery – to the patient's individual needs.
  • TOT (transobturator tape) sling – Surgery through a groin incision that provides support for the urethra via mesh tape.

Physicians are independent providers and not employed by USMD Hospital at Arlington, LP.

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